resume Xiong Hui


School of Electrical Engineering & Automation Phone: 86 22 83955415

Tianjin Polytechnic University  Fax: 8622 83955415

300387 Tianjin, China



PlaceofBirth/Nationality:XiaYang, Hubei, China/China

ParticularAddress:399 Binshui West Road

300387 Tianjin, China

Phone(particular):86 13820365025

Phone(work):86 83955415


2010 -currentAssociate Professor in School of Electrical Engineering &Automation,Tianjin

Polytechnic University, China. Courses on C Programming, the embedded system and

Electronic Practise.

2004- 2010Assistant Professor in Tianjin Polytechnic University, China. Courses on the

embedded system and Electronic Practise.

2003-2004Teacher in Department of Computer Engineering, Shanxian Vocational Secondary

Schools, Henan, China. Courses on Computer Skills and Training.

Education Experiences

2008 - 2013Ph.D. Thesis: Key Design of the wireless passive DBS and

Detection of Deep brain evoked potentialsin Stronger Noise”. Advisors: Prof.

Dr. Gang Li.College of Precision Instrument and opto-electronics engineering, Tianjin

University, China.

Research areas: Biomedical EngineeringMedical Electronics

2000 -2003M.S. Thesis: “Vehicle Navigation system based on bluetooth”. Advisors:

Prof. Dr. JianYe Liu.College of Automation Engineering, Nanjing Unversity of Aeronautics

and Astronautics, China.

Research areas: Intelligent transportation, Application of the Embedded System

1996 - 2000 B. Sc. degree in automatic school. China University of Petroleum

Research Interests

Biomedical EngineeringMedical ElectronicsWeak Signal Detection

Hui Xiong 2/3


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Fellowship and award

Chinese Institute of Electronic member


The research of MCU & embedded system

The development of teacing device

The development of automatic power detection system

Development room environment monitoring system for railway signal machine

The fabric defect detection and 3D recognition principle of 3D vision basedThe National

Hui Xiong 3/3

Natural Science Foundation

The Design of external DBSTianjin Municipal Natural Science Foundation

Programming Skills

High-level languages: C/C++

Scientific packages: MatlabProtel 99 se